High-speed yeast

    Dry fast acting yeast

    Dry fast acting yeast

      ABC product sells dry fast-acting yeast in bulk at the most attractive cost. Yeast is an environmentally friendly product that does not contain preservatives or harmful substances. High-speed yeast does not require pre-soaking and is mixed directly with flour. The dough with the addition of this natural baking powder is prepared stably and as quickly as possible.

      Due to the feature of this product to “raise” dough twice as fast as its fresh counterpart, the demand for dry high-speed yeast in bulk is actively growing. Most chefs have long appreciated this advantage, so the coveted bag with granules has become a reliable and welcome assistant for every modern homemaker.

      High-speed dry yeast in bulk at an attractive cost - this is a unique product interesting for representatives of food organizations: market stalls, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc.

      Using fast-acting yeast is recommended for almost all types of baked goods. The dough turns out very airy, and the pastries are tender and lush, with a golden brown crust, pleasant taste and mouth-watering aroma.
      We sell a wide assortment of dry fast-acting yeast in bulk, meeting food standards, proper quality standards and all the requirements for this product.

      Advantages of high-speed yeast from ABC product are:

      • It's fast - the fermentation process is much faster;
      • It is reliable - quality meets food standards and international quality standards;
      • This is an excellent result - ABC Product yeast is ideal for baking;
      • It is convenient - ABC Product yeast can be used at home;
      • It is budget friendly – you get high quality at the lowest cost, especially if you get a large batch in bulk.


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